Tatiana Vahan is an artist living in Los Angeles. Since graduating with her BFA in 2009 she has been exploring how to financially survive as an artist. She makes work that both critiques and manipulates the economic constructs of the art industry in an effort to create financial or symbolic value for herself and others, simultaneously reconfiguring the power dynamics typical to the industry.

Vahan received her MA in Aesthetics and Politics from CalArts in 2014. She has exhibited at 356 Mission Road, MDC Museum of Art + Design, the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Art Museum (now called PAMM), and Monte Vista Projects among other spaces. She is the founder and organizer of bar-fund, an experimental public art project and artist-run initiative whose mission is to provide more financial opportunities for Los Angeles-based artists outside of the commercial gallery and private grant systems. Along with bar-fund, she is currently organizing the Los Angeles Artist Census, an artistic-research project that involves collecting basic financial data on LA-based artists to gain a better understanding of need versus resources available to artists in the city. 



Born in Miami, FL.
Lives in Los Angeles, CA.


The Mountain School of Arts^
MA: California Institute of the Arts, Aesthetics and Politics
BFA: New World School of the Arts, Visual Art



An Ephemeral History of High Desert Test Sites, co curated with Andrea Zittel, Aram Moshayedi, and Sohrab Mohebbi, High Desert Test Sites 2017, Joshua Tree, CA

Full Body, featuring work by Alyse Emdur, Barbara T. Smith, Dan Bustillo, Jules Gimbrone, Julia Kouneski, Lygia Clark, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya, CalArts REEF Residency, Los Angeles, CA.

The Mountain School of Arts: The First Ten Years, produced, edited, and published with Agnes Bolt and Piero Golia, The Mountain School of Arts^ and Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles, CA.

Toggle, an internet browser plugin that functions as an international fellowship program and platform for research, communication, and projects. Created with neverhitsend. Inaugural fellows are: Anthony McCann, Cannibal Facts, Cassie McQuarter, Georgie and Min, Jennifer Moon, Leah Beeferman, Marii Nyrop, Micol Hebron, Vanessa Sioufi, Woofer Ten, and Zoya Sardashti. 221a and International Symposium for Electronic Arts, Vancouver BC



The Promise of Something and Nothing, Sonce Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

A Narrative of An Artist Exploring Capitalism, MDC Museum of Art + Design, Miami, FL.
Post Private, Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, CA.

neverhitsend, 356 Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA.
Artist books exhibition, Ooga Booga #2, Los Angeles, CA.

CashierGarage Pizza, Los Angeles, CA.
Vacation Rental Advisor, Vacation Rental Homes Made Easy, Los Angeles, CA.
Office and Studio Assistant, A-Z West, Joshua Tree, CA.
InternFrançois Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
Phone OperatorDepartment of Social Services, Los Angeles, CA.
YardmanDepartment of Public Works Streets Services, Los Angeles, CA.
Parade Coordinator, West of Rome (Trespass Parade), Los Angeles, CA.
BarristaThe Coffee Pot, Los Angeles, CA.
Massage Therapist, Delano, Miami Beach, FL.

Studio Sale ShowFountainhead Studios, Miami, FL.
Open ProcessMuseum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL.
Inside/OutsideLittle River Yacht Club, Miami, FL.
Mission Impossible, Little River Yacht Club, Miami, FL.
Home: Dream HomePraxis International Art, Miami, FL.

Myself As a Storefront WindowBass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL.
Littlest SisterSpinello Gallery, Miami, FL.
The New FrontierChristopher Miro Gallery, Miami, FL.
New Work Miami, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL.
Home Videos (1986 -1991), American Airlines Arena Jumbotron, Miami, FL.
Home Videos (1986 -1991), Gansevoort Hotel, Miami Beach, FL.

Art Basel 2010The Yard @ Casa Lin, Miami, FL.
Littlest SisterSpinello Gallery, Miami, FL.
Smash and GrabLocust Projects, Miami, FL.
AAEC ExhibitionFredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL.
Drawing and Painting Show, ArtSeen, Miami, FL.
How to Make a Gallery a HomeSpinello Gallery, Miami, FL.
BFA, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami, FL.
Sentimental Garage Sale, my mom’s yard, Miami, FL.

The Art of WomenRoxcy ONeal Bolton Women’s History Gallery, Miami, FL.
Marks and StrokesNew World Gallery, Miami, FL.

ProgressionsNew World Gallery, Miami FL.

NWSAEspiritos Santos Gallery, Miami, FL
Rising StarsNew World Gallery, Miami, FL



Los Angeles Artist Census, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles, CA.

bar-fund and Community Fundraising Open Discussion II, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles, CA.
bar-fund and Community Funded Artist Grants Open Discussion Series, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, Los Angeles, CA.

Ponzi Schemes, The End/Spring Break, Miami ,FL.



Artist in Residence, CalArts REEF Residency, Los Angeles, CA.

Media Artist Grant, British Columbia Arts Council, sponsored by 221a, Vancouver, BC.
Curatorial Residency, 221a, Vancouver, BC.
Participant, International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA, Vancouver, BC.

Scholarship, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Grant Nominee recipient, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, FL.

Special Project Grant, Bass Museum of Art and Miami Beach Arts Trust, Miami Beach, FL.

Frances Wolfson Endowed Visual Arts Scholarship, New World School of the Arts, Miami, FL.

Full Tuition Scholarship, New World School of the Arts and University of Florida, Miami, FL.



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