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Home Videos (1986-1991), 2010 – Ongoing

An ongoing project, Home Videos (1986-1991) contrasts my family’s home video footage from the 80’s and 90’s with contemporary television commercials that are sourced from local businesses. My father directs each home video scene, narrating and introducing the characters. As children of the 80’s our performing for the camera is awkward as we try to entertainment our still-to-be-determined audience.

Cut with commercial breaks, our acting becomes juxtaposed with another kind of acting– one that is outwardly acknowledged as acting and that is based in the present, illuminating our evolved relationship to the camera. Facebook, social media, reality tv, and the NSA have all deeply influenced our performing of the everyday. By contrasting the home video footage along with amateur tv advertisements a new narrative is created that highlights this history and brings to light our evolving consciousness through technological advancement.